Temple Israel of The Poconos
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As Jewish Americans, we are proud of the growing part we play in the continuum of Jewish history and the rich and colorful mosaic of life in the Poconos.

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Temple Israel of the Poconos is the central address for Jewish learning in the Poconos, for both adults and children. Torah learning in the Poconos is alive and well!



Worship is the central glue of synagogue life, along with learning and lifecycle celebrations, whether in the hills of Jewish Poconos or anywhere Jewish life flourishes.



As the center for the the study of Torah in the Poconos, in Stroudsburg and the surrounding area we come together on that seventh day, the Shabbat, to celebrate our Jewish life in worship.


 Upcoming Events

  • Rabbi Classes - Schedule varies, read details here

    Sukkot Building - October 13th 10 am

  • Sponsored Kiddush lunch October 12th in honor of Linda Jacobsen’s daughter, October 19th in honor of Barbara a Dave Rosenberg