Temple Israel of the Poconos is the central address for Jewish learning in the Poconos, for both adults and children. Torah learning in the Poconos is alive and well!
Our educational philosophy to Torah is basically: build it, show it, teach it, live it. They will come.
Wednesday and Thursday mornings we offer classes on Torah. Our classes are small and intimate. While we aim to cover a lot of ground, no question goes unaddressed, even those we can't answer!

Our inspiring and dynamic Hebrew School provides a warm and welcoming anchor for young families to come together and connect to Jewish synagogue life here in the Poconos. All of our students, by the time they become Bar or Bat Mitzvah, can read basic Hebrew, have familiarity with the prayers, holidays, Jewish history, the State of Israel and ethical norms demanded of the Jewish commitment to Torah and Jewish values. 
Our classes are small and inviting. Our teachers are friendly and inspiring. Our curriculum is progressive yet traditional. We offer a K-6th graduated curriculum.  Music is a basic component and each week we have  a well rounded arts and craft curricular supplementation.  We meet on the first Saturday of each month and every Sunday thereafter.  

Debbie Smith, our administrator, coordinates the programmatic details and communications, while the Rabbi serves as our Principal.