Adult Education

Rabbi's class schedule:

Wednesday and Thursday Mornings 11 am -noon

Weekly Torah portion review and discussion.

Wednesday Evening 5:15 pm-6:15 pm

A Sygya is a concise paragraph or two of a larger Talmudic discussion.  In the course of an hour we will explore 4 different Sugyas from 4 different tractates of the Talmud.  We will sample tractates from all the tractates of the Talmud within the course of a year and then start over again with new Sugyas from all the tractates.  No Aramaic required.

Friday 10am-11am

Shulchan Aruch:  Code of Jewish law, excerpts on Jewish laws and customs, sampled from Rabbi Yosef Caro's classic text, 10:30 am Pirkei Avoth;  Ethics of the Fathers famous, potentially powerful, and pithy life changing sayings of the Rabbis of the Mishna.  

Saturday 1pm-2pm

Torah Class 

Sunday noon-1:30 pm

Speed learning. 7 minutes per topic!  Weekly topics:  Kabbalistic secrets of Hebrew words, Jewish Ethics, Jewish Literacy, Biblical Literacy, Jewish concepts, Jewish laws and customs, Hebrew Prayers translated, Yiddush with Bernie.