Adult Education

Rabbi's class schedule:

Wednesday and Thursday Mornings 11 am -noon

Weekly Torah portion review and discussion.

Wednesday Evening 5:15 pm-6:15 pm

T-Jaw Talmud-Judaism After Work. This is a great opportunity to explore hidden gems of Judaism’s most renowned yet misunderstood classic literature outside of the Bible.

Saturday 1 pm 2:30

1-1:30 pm Haftarah Study, 1:30-2pm Pirkei Auoth-Mishre Study, 2-2:30pm Shabbat songs from the world over

Sunday noon-1:30 pm

Speed learning. 7 minutes per topic!  Weekly topics:  Kabbalistic secrets of Hebrew words, Jewish Ethics, Jewish Literacy, Biblical Literacy, Jewish concepts, Jewish laws and customs, Hebrew Prayers translated, Yiddush with Bernie.