In life there is Giving and there is Receiving. When we receive we must give back in order to restore the balance. By belonging to our community you receive a community to belong to, you receive a place to worship and connect to God. You receive a venue through which to connect with others who share your goals, dreams and visions, and you receive a place to connect with your heritage and engage in new friendships.
Your continued giving keeps us going. It helps us to keep the lights on, the heat on in the winter and the air conditioning on in the summer. It pays for salaries, for maintenance and for general upkeep. Your donations are always appreciated, whether it is a membership fee, a tithe, a Hesed Card, a yahrzeit memorial donation, a donation to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund, a leaf on the Tree of Life, or sponsoring a kiddush luncheon or an Oneg collation.
We thank you in advance. After all, our money doesn't really belong to us. It all belongs to God, along with the Earth itself and all that is in it. We are simply the stewards of the Earth and her resources, and we are counting on you to help support us and enable us to keep our doors open and services happening for when you need us to be there for you.
Tzedakah is the Jewish word for giving. It means justice. Righteousness. Because it's the right thing to do.